MERSEYSIDEONLINE sets out to provide support to individuals and Liverpool City Region communities by helping people who may be digitally excluded and social and community organisations that are working towards making life a little fairer at a local level.

We also try to make the planet a little greener. From networks to materials to how we engage with our partners to how we manage our projects, we try to put everything through a set of eco- and ethical criteria. We know that even the smallest of positive action every day can provide big results.

In short, we aim to:

  • To buy greener products whenever possible.
  • To provide green ideas for our staff as well as our customers.
  • To help educate and influence others through technology.
  • To be passionate about everything we deliver.
  • To minimise negative impacts on communities, both local and global

We aim to incorporate our philosophy into everything we do based around People and the Planet.

MERSEYSIDEDIGITAL will always aim to be visionary and co-operative in our efforts to deliver our digital support services.

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